Estimating Useful Life In the Reserve Study

Service Life

The useful life of components in the reserve study are predominantly based on our experiences with many different organizations and their respective repair/replacement cycles with building and site components. If we are provided historical replacement schedules for different component projects for a specific building or site, then we will often utilize them in the reserve study. 

Outside of Client records and our own experiences, working with thousands of organizations over the years, there is ample data on useful life of building and site components. We have found that our experiences fall right in line with these different useful life charts and tables published by very credible sources. We have linked to some of them below:

It is important to note that for the most part the estimates in the reserve study as well as all the above tables/charts are based on averages and are not specific to any one property and we assume the component was installed by a qualified professional who followed all appropriate installation instructions.