Reserve study services for condominiums, homeowner's associations, nonprofits and other common interest communities and organizations. 

Welcome to Reserve Data Analyst!

Reserve Data Analyst regularly consults with property managers, businesses, accounting professionals, facility managers, community associations boards and attorneys. We strive to provide a high level of customer service for each reserve study and budget report we complete, take pride in providing comprehensive information to our clients and always aim to be an innovative industry leader. 


Reserve Study Professionals

We take pride that our reserve studies are easy to read and understand while exceeding Statutory Requirements & National Reserve Study Standards as well as be in accordance with the Foundation for Community Association Research's Best Practices. Our Reserve Analysts' are designated with the appropriate organizations, CAI (Reserve Study Standards) & APRA (Standards of Practice), so our Clients know they are getting expert advice from a qualified staff of specialists'.

Homeowners Association

Informed Boards, Managers & Communities Benefit

Each of our Clients has their own unique challenges in their particular community / organization. Funding for long term project expenses is rarely a top priority to most until it is too late and “surprise” expenses present themselves in the typical fashion of leaking roofs, pot-holed asphalt, peeling paint and a lengthy list of other deferred maintenance issues we see on a regular basis.


Completing a reserve study will help to bring into the light the true costs of the building & site projects, an important first step to successfully budgeting for these items. In the eyes of our Reserve Analysts’ the vast majority of these “surprise” expenses turn out to be typical and can be adequately budgeted for many years in advance of the expense occurring.


We have the experience, tools and drive to provide a reserve study that can be relied on by Boards, Property Managers, Lenders, etc. Within our reserve studies you will find a comprehensive component list, recommendations for numerous allocation rates to the reserve account, a projected timeline of projects and expenses and a measurement of the current financial health of the reserve account; (i.e., how much is actually in the reserve account versus how much ideally should be in the reserve account). 


Common Interest

  • Condominiums Communities
  • Homeowner's Associations
  • Retirement Communities
  • Water & Sewer Systems
  • Midrise & Highrise Buildings


Resort Properties

  • Golf Courses
  • Country Clubs
  • Waterfront Resorts
  • Timeshare
  • Recreation / Pool / Tennis Clubs


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Condominiums
  • Medical Complexes
  • Marinas
  • Apartments / Hotels / Condo-Hotels

Why Reserve Data Analyst?

We strive to reach new levels of service on an ongoing basis and have found that when we succeed so do our Clients! It really all starts with the basics; promptly returning calls, showing up on time, completing our work in a timely manner, answering questions and being available to go over our studies with Boards and Managers when they need us.


On top of that we offer what we feel are the most comprehensive and easily read reserve studies in the industry.  When we do our job right the question quickly becomes "Why Not Reserve Data Analyst?". We have a philosophy of doing a great job every single time so we can focus on our work and receive new business through word of mouth not expensive advertising; a cost savings we pass on to our Clients and is the main reason we are able to retain the best Reserve Analysts' in the business while still having competitive fees.